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OmniLink™ ProjectionMate


  • Separates clean & dirty water

    Smooth and stain resistant

  • Hands-free wringing

    Easy to hang

  • How long will my order take to be delivered?

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Once your order is processed, the estimated delivery time is 6-12 business days. Please note that this timeline may vary based on your location and other external factors.

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  • Specifications

Material: Fabric

Package Dimensions: 
200×200×30mm 200×180×30mm

60 inches 16:9(133*75CM),100 inches 16:9(220*124CM)

Movie cloth


Choose the perfect size for an immersive viewing experience, whether it's for your home theater, office presentations, or educational purposes. Our screens are designed with precision and quality to complement your OmniLink™ projector, ensuring vibrant and clear visuals for every occasion.

Companion for Effortless Outdoor Movie Nights

OutdoorMate: Unfold the Fun Under the Stars

Outdoor Magic with OmniLink™

Step up your outdoor movie nights with OmniLink™ OutdoorMate. It's simple – unfold, hang, and let the movie magic begin. Elevate your open-air experience with ease. OmniLink™ OutdoorMate, making outdoor movie nights a breeze.

Easy Setup for Instant Movie Magic
  • Unfold and Hang Anywhere:

    Quickly set up your OmniLink™ ProjectionMate screen outdoors by unfolding it and hanging it from any suitable support. Ensure a smooth surface for optimal viewing.
  • Adjustable Hanging Options:

    Utilize the built-in loops or a convenient stand to adjust the screen to your preferred height. Achieve the perfect setup for an immersive movie experience.
  • Secure and Enjoy:
    Use clips or fasteners to securely attach the screen, providing stability against wind or movement. Now, relax and enjoy your favorite content under the open sky with OmniLink™ ProjectionMate.


Project Exceptional Visuals, Experience Sensational Imagery

OmniLink™ ProjectionMateOmniLink™ ProjectionMate creates the perfect barrier for high-definition visual excellence. Enhance each frame with vibrant and vivid images, immersing yourself in sensational imagery. Elevate your projection experience to new heights.

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    To make a warranty claim, the original purchaser must contact our support team within the warranty period and provide proof of purchase. Our team will provide instructions on how to return the product for repair or replacement.
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    We process orders with a range of secure payment.

✨Free shipping✨

OmniLink™ SALE ✨47% OFF✨

✨Free shipping✨

OmniLink™ SALE ✨47% OFF✨

✨Free shipping✨

OmniLink™ SALE ✨47% OFF✨

✨Free shipping✨

OmniLink™ SALE ✨47% OFF✨